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Innovation, design research, technology.

RODA opens a new era, conceiving a new dimension of living that goes beyond the borders of the house: indoor and outdoor mingle with a harmonic language, in a spatial and conceptual continuum.

The philosophy of RODA is based on the belief that it is possible to enjoy the outsides like a true interior design project, in which colors, materials and shapes remain faithful to the value of the spontaneity of living en plein air.

Roda outdoor home collection

- Livingspace Interiors | Roda Outdoor Collection

Roda proposes its own vision of the Italian design in the world, dictating with its collections the lines of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style.

Roda outdoor home collection 2023

- Livingspace Showroom | Roda Outdoor Collection - 5th floor

In harmony with nature.

RODA’s furniture is not simply positioned outside, but it is intimately linked to the external environment, where the colors of the materials can change and shift, almost looking for a unique and unrepeatable symbiosis with nature.

The perception of the Mediterranean flavour − natural, warm, welcoming and well-balanced − which emerges in the shapes, colors and materials, describing atmospheres capable of reinventing themselves every time in a harmonious combination.