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The epitome of the 'Made-In-Italy' concept.

While good design inevitably evolves to match society’s changing needs, Minotti exceeds expectations to suit our modern climate. Their newest outdoor collections combine compact designs for a growing urban population with dynamic systems for large common areas.

Designs that transform outdoor spaces into an extension of the home, Minotti’s latest outdoor furniture matches its indoor counterparts – both in terms of quality and presence.

Minotti Outdoor Home Collection

- Minotti | Outdoor Collection

Out is the new In. One of the leaders in furniture design just raised the bar in al fresco living.

Minotti outdoor home collection

- Livingspace Showroom | Minotti Outdoor Home Collection - 5th floor

Truth to materials, never maximalist or over-designed.

When Alberto Minotti passed away unexpectedly in 1991, the reins of the company were thrust into the hands of his sons, Roberto and Renato Minotti. Charged with the monumental task of continuing their father’s vision for the company, the brothers guided Minotti successfully through to its next chapter.

In 1998, 50 years after its inception, the company entered a new era with the appointment of distinguished architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni as Minotti’s art director and coordinator of all of its collections. A master of Milanese sensibilities, he has gone on to create some of Minotti’s most iconic designs. Describing his own work as ‘rational, sometimes conservative and sensual’, it matched perfectly with Minotti’s minimalist, understated elegance.