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The quintessence of the 'Made-In-Italy' concept.

Minotti is an internationally renowned company famous for creating some of the sleekest bespoke furnishings to come out of Italy, and is a leading interpreter of the classic-modern lifestyle concept.

Founded in 1948 by Alberto Minotti's intuition, the artisan workshop swiftly evolved into a more industrialized operation by the 1960s. Renato and Roberto Minotti propelled the company forward following their father's passing in 1991, initiating a period of global growth and market expansion.

Minotti home collection at Livingspace Interiors Vancouver

- Minotti | Furniture Collection

Continuous research on materials and technology enhances impeccable details.

Minotti Furniture Collection

- Livingspace Showroom | Minotti - 2nd floor

Symbolizing a blend of classic and modern lifestyles.

At the heart of Minotti's identity lies the embodiment of the "Made in Italy" ethos, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Talented artisans skillfully finish products crafted with modern technologies, infusing industrial precision with emotion and sensitivity.

Continuous research on materials and technological advancements enhances the impeccable attention to detail, a hallmark of the brand's commitment to excellence shared by all within the company.