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MDF Italia

The lightness of design.

The success of MDF Italia stems from its adeptness at embodying contemporary culture, foreseeing and adapting to trends, and meeting the evolving demands of modern home living with precision.

Established in Milan, MDF Italia operates with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and strategic product vision, consistently prioritizing design and simplicity as fundamental values in project selection and designer collaboration.

MDF Italia collection at Livingspace Interiors

- MDF Italia | Livingspace Interiors

For MDF Italia, design is about shaping matter with ideas. More than simple products, the results of this process are thought forms.

MDF Italia Collection at Livingspace Interiors

- Livingspace Interiors Showroom | MDF Italia Collection - 2nd Floor

The luxury of ideas.

Embracing differentiation as a key competitive edge, MDF Italia perceives change as a gateway to fresh opportunities, reinforcing its trajectory through the pursuit of innovative design. Recognizing the profound influence of its legacy products, MDF Italia's team interprets this heritage as a cohesive collection, with designs that serve as catalysts for cross-cultural and diverse sensibilities.

MDF Italia’s aesthetic lies, above all, in its design methodology. In our work we seek to unveil the soul of the project, to render its substance tangible and visible. Technological and material innovation have been distinctive features of experimentation since the start. They were among the first to use Cristalplant, a lightweight cement (UHPFRC) previously used only in architecture, cement and marble on tabletops. MDF Italia employs a hybrid approach, utilizing both industrial and artisanal processes based on the desired outcome.