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Forged from the essence of Italian ingenuity.

One of the most enduring furniture companies in Italy, Acerbis stands as a connoisseur’s benchmark of Italian design — a pioneer with 150 years of expertise, whose continual search for modernity has produced creations of stunning innovation.

Founded in 1870 by Benvenuto Acerbis in Bergamo’s Valle Seriana, Acerbis introduced cutting-edge industrial production and collaborations with some of Italy’s most trailblazing designers.

Acerbis furniture collection at Livingspace Interiors Vancouver

- Acerbis | Furniture Collection

150 years of experience has created products whose modernity survives the decades and remains avant-garde even today, and into the future.

Acerbis furniture collection at Livingspace Interiors Vancouver

- Livingspace Showroom | Acerbis Design

Drawing on the past to face the challenges of the future.

Acerbis' focus is on creating a more sustainable society — a future harkening back to an era of lasting craftsmanship, where simplicity and beauty intertwine. Quality trumps quantity, with design breaking traditional molds to birth innovative products using the latest technology and materials.

Sustaining this mission involves preserving Acerbis as a hub for research and experimentation, fostering fresh collaborations with both emerging talents and renowned designers, and introducing groundbreaking products destined to be the design icons of tomorrow.