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A vacuum is introduced to a strata composed of hot white and clear glass with copper mesh between; the vacuum causes the white layer to pull away through the embedded mesh, leaving numerous tendrils of white glass suspended within an interstitial space as it goes.

Key Features
  • Canopy Diameters: Standard (4.5"), Mini (1.2"), Mini Innie (3.5"), Mini Outie (1.5")
  • Power supply: integral (driver housed within junction box). Drivers included
  • Materials: blown glass, copper mesh, braided metal coaxial cable, electrical components brushed nickel canopy
  • Adjustable 10' or 20' standard cable. Up to 100’ maximum (Special order. Contact us for pricing)
  • Light source: 1W LED (integrated)
  • CUL and UL listed


Diameter Height
4.5" 5.5"
Wattage Weight
1W LED 1.5 lbs